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National Plan for Sustainable Development (Luxembourg)

The plan defines objectives and actions towards a sustainable development of Luxembourg on the basis of an analysis of the situation in 1999.

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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


In the context of the Rio Conference, the Luxembourgish Government approved in 1999 the National Plan for a Sustainable Development. The main objectives of the Plan are the search and the application of political, economic and social policies thus enhancing the sustainable development of the Luxembourgish economy and society, reducing the use of natural resources and preserving the quality of the environment.
The Plan aims at identifying the priority domains of intervention for a sustainable development, at formulating concrete objectives and at proposing actions and tools supporting its implementation and monitoring.
As there is no appropriate legal framework, the objectives and actions of the Plan are not compulsory. The objectives have been conceived as general political guidelines that ought to be followed, thereby aiming at a progress towards a more sustainable development.
The action plan has been organised according to three main pillars:

  1.  sustainable and high-performance economy,
  2.  protection of natural and human environment as well as of natural resources,
  3. socio-economic equity and social protection.

There are two annexes; the first presents a list of sustainable development indicators (with 59 indicators) and the second sustainable development criteria.

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25 Jun 2010

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