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  • About EUKN

    02 Jul 2010

    The key objective of EUKN is to enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise on urban development throughout Europe, bridging urban policy, research and practice.

  • EUKN video

    video news
    26 Jun 2013

    Gain inspiring insights into real challenges citizens throughout Europe are facing today!

  • History

    04 Nov 2009

    At the informal ministerial conference on urban policy 'Cities Empower Europe' on 30 November 2004, the EU Ministers for urban policy agreed to develop a pilot project for a European urban knowledge exchange network - EUKN. The EUKN pilot project took place under the auspices of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations with the voluntary participation of other Member States and the support of URBACT.

  • Partners

    29 Jun 2010

    In order to fulfill its objectives, EUKN works together with several international partners.

  • Secretariat

    13 May 2014

    The EUKN Secretariat is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

  • Contact

    02 Jul 2010
  • Share your Knowledge

    20 Jul 2010

    Are you an urban practitioner, researcher or policy maker and would you like to share your project on the EUKN website? Then fill out one of the EUKN templates (research, practice, policy or network) and send it back to Submissions will be included in the e-library. EUKN will include the most interesting submissions in the electronic Research & Practice Review.

  • National Focal Points

    The European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) is an intergovernmental urban network. Currently nine Member States are members of EUKN. Each Member State has established a National Focal Point (NFP), which functions as a two-way gateway: disseminating national knowledge via EUKN at the European level and disseminating European and international knowledge at the national level. All NFPs have a national website which is part of the EUKN portal. The NFPs are supported by a small Secretariat, located in The Hague. Click on the flags below to access the respective National Focal Point website.

  • Subscribe to the EUKN Research & Practice Review

    Every month EUKN publishes electronic Research & Practice Review (RPR) on seven important urban themes. They include interviews with urban professionals and the latest new in the field of urban research, policy and practice. To subscribe to the EUKN RPR, please fill out the subscription form.

  • EUKN Publications

    Each year a key publication is published by EUKN in close cooperation with the EU countries that participate in the network . The publication is linked to either the EUKN Annual Conference or to the current Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The main objective of the key publication is to present ‘state of the art’ knowledge on key urban issues. Specific case studies, theoretical frameworks and trends in European urban policy are presented in these books. Please find below an overview of the most recent EUKN publications available in PDF format.

  • Working for EUKN

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